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Take that time by yourself to get to know yourself and rediscover what makes you shine. Don’t surrender yourself to waiting, and don’t stay isolated for too long, because there’s a beautiful you the world is dying to meet. 

comics that end sadly but wind up being replied to with love are what I live for

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this freaked me out cause patrick got serious

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parents when they can’t get a hold of you: “i called TWICE AND YOU DIDN’T PICK UP”

me when i can’t get a hold of my parents: “I BROKE MY LEG. I CALLED UR CELL 11 TIMES, UR WORK PHONE 7 TIMES, AND SENT YOU 23 TEXTS, AND NO RESPONSE”

my parents: “wow sorry i was busy”

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The importance of teamwork. The insects were caught on camera forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in.

Source: Escape ants are a tower of strength (Daily Express)


Artist Name: Maryanna


"Courage" Original colored pencil drawing.


I’m actually a dual degree student in English and Applied Mathematics, and I haven’t graduated just yet. However, I was recruited last fall to edit a textbook for an Electrical Engineering professor. Because I had a solid grip on grammar, and also enjoyed…

So glad my anecdote helped someone! :D 

I love how, in Europe, their non-organic, store brand peanut butter is made with, at max, four ingredients, the most involved one being simply palm oil—

and then traditional American brands are all like let’s use hydrogenated oils, man. Check out the soybean. Check out that rapeseed and cottonseed—

and then, some European brands are proud when they use just peanuts in their peanut butter (no oils or salt or sugar)… and Skippy goes all, “Hey guys, good bye hydrogenated oils, and hello palm oil—in our natural peanut butter. We also made reduced fat peanut butter with, like, fifteen ingredients. Most of them you cannot pronounce! Isn’t that great?”



I’m glad that Bilbo Baggins exists

Because in the book, the dude was pretty firmly middle aged when his crazy-ass adventure started

He was settled down in the house that belonged to his parents and had done precisely jack shit with his life

It gives me hope that maybe some nutcase wizard will eventually show up and be like yo

you’re a burglar now

don’t even care that you didn’t roll rogue homie we got dragons to slay and kingdoms to save 

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NEWS: UN WOMEN ANNOUNCES EMMA WATSON AS NEW GOOD-WILL AMBASSADOR! (read article here) or learn more on Emma’s facebook

I think I have a crush on Emma Watson’s eyebrows.